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LASAGNE Multilayer Network Transformation Framework

This website provides multilayer network datasets and tools for transforming them into the LASAGNE Multilayer Network Framework (LMF) formats.

Dataset Connectors

The way data is organised in input network dataset formats differs significantly. Therefore, a meta-format is used as an intermediate step of the conversion to the LASAGNE format.

The connectors are used to perform this conversion. The meta-format consists of several files:

  • Node list — the list of nodes in the network
  • Layer list — the list of layers in the network
  • Intra-layer edge list — there are several such lists, one for each layer of the network.
  • Inter-layer edge list — the list of links between nodes in different layers.

The meta-format files are then aggregated into the LASAGNE format — the edges are added layer by layer.

LMF Aggregate Format

The LASAGNE aggregate format aims to represent multilayer networks, either directed or undirected, weighted or unweighted, temporal or static.

The format contains a list of edges of the form (Vi, Vj, α, β, t, Wij), where:

  • Vi, Vj are the nodes that are linked
  • α, β are the layers corresponding to nodes Vi, Vj
  • t is the timestamp at which the edge appears — by convention, if the network is static, t=0
  • W is the edge weight - by convention, if the network is unweighted, then W=1.

Datasets and Connectors

A converter web tool is provided on this website which implements connectors for four datasets. The individual connectors can also be downloaded as command line tools. Two of these datasets are also available pre-converted in LMF format.

Dataset Reference Web
LMF Format
Command Line Tool
Noordin Top Terrorist Network Sean F. Everton, Disrupting Dark Networks, 2012
Flights Network
Pardus Game Network Szell and Thurner, Nature Scientific Reports, 2013
Brain Connectivity Network Nicosia, et al., Physical Review Letters, 2013

The Visualisation Tools

Network visualisation tools for small datasets are available for download here.

Open Source Standalone Tools

The LASAGNE Multilayer Network Transformation Framework uses Python scripts for data conversion and visualisation. Alternatively, you can download the scripts and make use of them locally. You can find the tools in this GitHub repository.